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Armando Perez Aleman’s contemporary style has emerged from a profound interest in bringing the audience into his mind, heart and soul. Themes in his work allude to elements of his past— water, an intrinsic part of the artists’ life, as well as the artist’s background in construction, the materials he used, their forms and movements. The artist’s work is always guided by a sense of optimism and positivity.

In his “Rumbos” series, Perez Aleman seeks to capture the harmony that symbolically unites an artist with his materials.  The resulting artworks are the product of Perez Aleman’s personal experience and speak to the universality of every man’s journey—across cultures, throughout time.

Perez Aleman’s proximity to the sea from childhood to the present has marked him deeply and has been a big influence on his work.

In his series “The Mutation of the Fish”, Perez Aleman attempts to compel the collective consciousness to cherish the environment. He uses the female figure as a symbol of creation, positioning her as a guardian of life.

Each piece is made of metal, wood, clay or bronze, some with multiple pigments, textures, curves and lines, or poems and formulas buried in their skin, reflecting the delicate desire to touch and reach out.

...accompanied by the sounds of  welders, hammers, grinders and the light of the metal sparks.

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